Best Accessories For Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is a compact piece of high-tech hardware.  So why wouldn’t you compliment your watch with some high-tech accessories as well? Some accessories that are available for the iWatch are charging stands, protective covers, and of course, stylish Apple Watch bands!

We know that there are a ton of accessories on the market right now, and it’s easy to get lost in them.  Here at Anhem, we can help you find what you need more easily and at an affordable budget.

  • Need to protect your Apple Watch? We got you covered with our protective covers, tempered glass, & rugged bands.
  • Need to charge your Apple Watch? We have multiple charging stations that can charge both your watch and iPhone at the same time for your convenience!
  • Need stylish watch bands? We got plenty! We offer many styles of bands including leather, steel, silicone, loop, and even some other unique styles as well. Lots of colors to choose from as well to match any personality.

We also have other accessories as well that you may find useful including band adjustment tools and watch band storage/travel case.

Check out some of our most popular Apple Watch accessories below:

anhem apple watch charging stand

Charging Stand

Dual charging station for Apple Watch & iPhone

anhem apple watch tempered glass protector

Tempered Screen Protector

9H Tempered glass protector for Apple Watch

apple watch rugged tpu case cover

Rugged TPU Cover

Bumper sport cover to help keep you active

anhem apple watch mystery box accessories

Mystery Box For Apple Watch Accessories

Unsure of what Apple Watch accessories is right for you? Try our mystery box to try random accessories!


These are only a few of the accessories that we offer for the Apple Watch.  To check out our full collection, you can check it out at our store.

Not sure what you want? Check out our newly added mystery box!  Literally anything from our store can be found in this mysterious box (even some exclusive products not on our store).

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  • Jonny P.

    Hey, something that actually applies to me! I actually bought the tempered screen protector for my Apple Watch. Actually was really a good investment since I constantly have the watch facing outwards and I tend to bump the face onto other surfaces and objects. Works like a charm. I have no scaratches and never have to worry about needing to replace it since it was actually really expensive. Another accessory I use is the airpod cords. My ear lobs (?) are pretty big so the airpods tend to fall out… idk if apple should create bigger airpods to fit into ears like mine or just have something that attaches to the airpods without having to buy a cord. i

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