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Have questions about our mystery box?

Anything and everything on our store can be included in your mystery box! These items are often times overstocked so we will always try to include as many bands when possible!

No, our mystery box does not include any Apple Watch or any products made or manufactured by Apple. Items found in the mystery box are 3rd party manufactured accessories only.

Depending on what colors you choose (Variety, Dark or Colorful), we will fill your mystery box up with watch bands and other items that best fit the color choice that you chose.

Variety - Mix of dark and colorful items

Dark - Darker colored items

Colorful - Brighter and more fun colored items

Yes! Please contact us at team@anhem.tech and we will be happy to initiate a return for you. All items in the mystery box must be returned.

As mysterious as it gets! You won't know what you'll get, but we promise you that we'll try to make you happy.