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Sustainable Shipping

Here at Anhem, we are making in-house efforts to go green. We are making the switch to 50-100% recycled packaging and mailers. Our mailers are also reusable for the planet and your convenience. Should you need to make a return, simply tear off the secondary adhesive strip on the mailer and you can reseal them for a second time use! We believe this is the first step needed in becoming carbon neutral. These mailers are also recyclable. Most papers or plastics used inside packages will be minimally used and also be from recycled or re-purposed papers and plastics. The key here is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

By choosing recycled packaging, Anhem has saved an estimated 586 lbs of emissions, 15 (millions) BTUs of energy, and 1.4 barrels of oil. We are helping to build a more circular economy long-term.

Environmental Impact