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      We are reducing our environmental impact with CarbonClick.

      Anhem's carbon offsetting initiative offers our customers a chance to help carbon offset their orders, reducing the overall carbon footprint of creating and delivering their orders.

      You can choose to carbon offset your order at check-out by clicking the green donation button to add a small $ amount to your order total.  The donation will go to CarbonClick's projects including reforestation projects that focus on forest regeneration, conservation, and biodiversity as well as high-impact international projects involving renewable energy.  You will find a list of some projects that your donation will be used for.


      North Carolina, USA: Forest conservation project

      CarbonClick contributions are helping two forests from deforestation, which are enabling trees and soil to absorb carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

      Perth, Australia: Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor

      Re-establishing a 200km long forest corridor which will help with both capturing carbon and restoring biodiversity.

      Taranaki, New Zealand: Arawera native forest conservation

      Helps conserve an area of rich indigenous forest which will help draw down carbon from the atmosphere and provide a rich habitat for the native wildlife.

      Southland, New Zealand: Rarakau forest

      Helps protect the native forest which also provides economic opportunities for the locals.

      Rainforest conservation and agroforestry in Panama

      Reforesting 5 regions of rainforest with mostly indigenous species  while sustainably producing cacao and timber.

      Solar water heaters in Bangalore, India

      Delivers solar water heaters to the communities and businesses, helping to avoid the burning of coal by providing cheap renewable energy for low income families.

      Wind Power in Karnataka, India

      Funds the regeneration of clean wind electricity for the surrounding communities that would otherwise rely on fossil fuels.

      China Biogas in Hezhang, Guizhou, China

      Helps create biogas generators that turn waste into energy, providing a cheap source of energy for the rural farmers.

      In-House efforts

      In addition to these projects, we are also making in-house efforts to go green. We are making the switch to 100% recycled packaging made from recycled consumer papers. We believe this is the first step needed in becoming carbon neutral. Most papers or plastics used inside packages will be minimally used and also be from recycled or re-purposed papers and plastics. The key here is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is only the beginning of our journey to becoming fully carbon friendly.  We would love for you to take the journey with us!

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