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How to Change Your Apple Watch Case Color

Your Apple Watch is a great accessory for any occasion.  The only downfall is that you're stuck with the same colored Apple Watch every single day.  Over time, that color can get boring, or it may not match so well with your Apple Watch band or outfit.  

What's the best solution to that problem?

Change the color of your Apple Watch! 

The only way to change your Apple Watch color is by putting a cover over your watch which can essentially change your watch color.  The best part about this is that, that they are swap-able and you can change your Apple Watch color on the go.

Our collection of Apple Watch covers includes some of these cases that can dramatically change the look of your Apple Watch simply by adding on a cover.

We have some of those case covers listed below:

anhem apple watch shiny case cover

Full Apple Watch Protective Case Cover

This popular Apple Watch face covers well over half of your Apple Watch with a new color and as a bonus, also protects your screen with a built-in screen protector.  This watch cover is made of polycarbonate and has the best balance of protection and style.  Easy on and off, great for changing the color of your Apple Watch on the go to match with your watch band or outfit of the day.

anhem apple watch tpu cover

Protective Apple Watch TPU Case Cover

This Apple Watch protective cover is made of TPU and covers 99% of your Apple Watch.  Perfect for completely hiding your old Apple Watch cover.  This is a slip on cover and is a little harder to take on and off, but if you don't plan on changing the cover often, this would be ideal.

anhem matte cover for apple watch

Matte Apple Watch Screen Protector Cover

This matte protective cover is great for those who don't like a flashy look.  It is made of hard polycarbonate for a durable fit and feel which includes a built-in tempered glass for added protection.

Rugged Apple Watch Protective Case Cover

This Anhem Apple Watch rugged cover is great for those with an active lifestyle.  It is a slip on cover that goes over your entire iWatch.  Great rugged solution.

Anhem rhinestone apple watch case

Rhinestone Apple Watch Bling Case

This Apple Watch rhinestone bling cover will add some bling to your watch. This case covers your Apple Watch face and securely and safely. Great option for adding some class to your watch.




  • Randomsearchguy

    @cashew I feel like putting some leds would work just fine or maybe whatever they use in those mood rings

  • Cashew's Blog

    @John M. — Although an app to color change the entire apple watch would be very convenient, there isn’t technology available now to make that possible for watches. The watch itself would also have to be made of the same display as the screen and apply it to the four curvatures. It would also make hundreds of product accessories whose purpose is to cover the watch obsolete. Please think again about your comment and maybe you’ll get what you want within the next 10 years.

  • John M.

    Apple should just release an app that can change the color of the case cover at will. Think of all the different variants of color and combinations. My tastes change daily and would be nice to switch to different colors on my watch whenever I want. I would buy that app in a heartbeat but I’d have to buy an apple watch first.

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