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How to Change Your Apple Watch Bands

The Apple Watch is one high-tech piece of hardware and one of the cool and convenient features of the watch is that you’re able to easily change out and replace your watch bands for newer and better watch bands year after year.  It allows you to show your personality and your fashion sense.

Changing out your Apple Watch band is very simple and we can walk you through the entire thing.

To change your Apple Watch band, just follow these steps below:

  1. Turn your watch over so that the back is facing you.
  2. Locate the two small release buttons on both sides of where the band is attached.
  3. Hold one button and carefully slide the band out.
  4. Repeat for the other side.
  5. Grab your new Apple Watch band and carefully slide it into place.
  6. The band is locked in place when you hear and feel a ‘click’.

anhem how to change your apple watch band

IMPORTANT: The adapters that are attached to each end of your watch band has 3 black buttons. These 3 black buttons must face UP when installing on your watch for it to properly lock in. This is for all Apple Watch bands.

If you are replacing your band with a stainless steel band, it is easier to install your watch band by inserting both sides of the band in half way, then once both sides are in half way you can complete the install by sliding them both in the rest of the way until it locks.

What You'll Need

To change out the band on your Apple Watch, you'll need a new Apple Watch band to replace! 

Our favorite replacement bands:

Titanium Apple Watch Bands
Elastic Nylon Apple Watch Bands
Braided Apple Watch Bands
Magnetic Silicone Apple Watch Bands


There is a large collection of Apple Watch bands that you can replace with your OEM band that came with your watch.  Check our our complete collection at our store.

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