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How to Adjust Anhem Watch Bands

Is your adjustable watch band too large?  You can easily resize it to fit your wrists by removing the links on your band. You can adjust them with the free adjusting tool that came with your watch band (only included if your band is resizable, while supplies last).  Just follow these simple instructions to remove links. 

anhem - How to adjust Apple Watch band

1. Place the band upside down in the tool and align the handle pin with the pin hole located on the side of the band. Most bands, but not all will have arrows. (arrows show you which way the pins should be removed).  If there are no arrows, then generally you will use the tool on the side where the pin hole is slightly recessed inside the band. Gently but firmly, twist the handle toward the band until the pin releases. Please note which way the pins are removed as they will be reinserted the same way.

anhem - How to remove chain links from Apple Watch band

2. Repeat step 1, until you have successfully removed the desired amount of links to fit your wrist.

anhem - How to readjust your apple watch band links

3.  To reinstall the pins, insert them in reverse (toward the arrows) into the watch band.

Anhem - How to reinstall your chainlinks into your apple watch band

4. Place the watch band back into the tool (with the arrows facing the handle).  Line up the handle pin with the piece of pin that's still sticking out from the band, and slowly turn the handle inward so that it pushes the pin back in and sits flush with the band. Alternatively, you can just use a hard surface (or the end of your tool) to push the pins back in flat.

Note: If you are not confident in adjusting your watch band yourself, we now offer a watch band adjustment service prior to shipment. This service must be added to your cart with the watch band that you need adjusted. Each service is good for one band. This service is non-refundable.

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Watch Band Link Removal Tool
Watch Band Link Removal Service


  • RandallGotti

    Adjustment tool worked perfectly, now both bands fit like a charm. Thanks again for sending it. I will be coming back to your site when I’m ready for another band. Thanks

  • Anhem

    Anthony Brightman Please contact us at with your order number and we can check to see if we have extra links for your specific band.

  • Anthony Brightman

    My band is too small

  • Anhem

    Frank Brockler Unfortunately, we don't have bigger clasps. We would recommend having the band slightly more loose than tight, but if you cannot comfortable get the band to fit, you may still be welcome to return it for a different band @ You can reach out to us at if you have any further questions!

  • Frank Brockler

    I removed one link, but the band was still too loose. I removed another, but then it was too tight. It appears that I need a half-link adjustment. Similar design steel bands on other watches I’ve owned came with pin holes on the clasp that were spaced a quarter link apart for fine tuning the fit. Is it possible to get a slightly wider clasp for this band?

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How to Adjust Your Anhem Watch Band | Shorten Any Watch Band