Best Apple Watch Bracelets

Stand out from the crowd with unique and stylish Anhem bracelets made for the Apple Watch.  Bracelets tend to be more chic and thus more desirable to women as they can be used to dress up or dress down on any occasion.  They are extremely stylish and will bring your Apple Watch to the next level.

Bracelets are also usually lighter and more comfortable to wear unlike other heavier bands.  Most bracelets are also designed with unique clasps as well.  Some are made with bracelet clasps which keeps them sleek as the clasps are less noticeable.  Other bracelets can be elastic which are great for smaller or larger wrists.   

No matter which style bracelet you choose, we think you'll be happy!  More and more chic styled Apple Watch bands are becoming more popular and we have some below that we think you'll love!  


Agate Bead Bracelet

Elastic bead bracelet designed for women.  The elastic design is a one size fits all and is perfect for most people!  

Metal Chain Link Bracelet

Made of lightweight metal which is great for small wrists.  The bracelet is designed so that it can be adjusted to fit even the smallest of wrists.  Unique style links and seamless clasps make this bracelet sleek and unique.


These are just some of our bracelets and bands that are available at Anhem, you can check out our full Apple Watch bands at our online store!


  • Tyson D.

    @Madison hello we took your advise and had to pull apart some of the peals and connectors to make it shorter. It worked like a charm! The apple watch doesn’t rotate on its on weight any more and sits cleanly on top of my gf’s wrist. My gf is busy most of the day working from home Do you have any other recs for apple watch accessorcies? Can I DM your email? Let’s get to know each other :)

  • Madison

    If you have the patients for it, you can tell your gf that she can carefully dismantle the bracelet to make it shorter. I have 2 of these and was able to make it tighter so it wouldn’t fall down like it normally does (like it does for your gf). I like it alot but sometimes my hair snags onto the pearls whenever I run my hand through my hair but its not really a problem lol just a nuisance. I like this a lot

  • Tyson D.

    I bought a simlar bracelet for my g f for christmas. The quality of the pearls, metal connectors, pearls, and ‘diamonds’ are really decent for the price and brand of the bracelet. My g f really liked the bracelet but there is one flaw of the bracelet that was almost a dealbreaker, the bracelet itself is pretty loose around the wrist so the apple watch would always droop down due to its weight and my g f would always have to adjust the bracelet and the watch to do anything on the watch. This was disappointing. My g f tried to make the bracelet tighter by wrapping a rubber band around some of the segments of the bracelet to make it tighter so it was a temporarily solutions. All and all this is a good product i will buy it again for her

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