Best Apple Watch Bands For Working Out

Your Apple Watch isn't just a fitness tracker; it's your workout partner. To enhance your exercise routines, choosing the right Apple Watch band is essential. We'll share with you some of the best Apple Watch bands that we think should be a part of your work out gear.

1. Active Apple Watch Sport Band

anhem active silicone apple watch bands

Designed for fitness enthusiasts, the Anhem Active Sport Band combines style with functionality. Made from high-quality silicone, it offers a soft and comfortable fit during intense workouts. The band's breathability ensures you stay cool, and its resistance to sweat makes it an ideal choice for various physical activities.


2. Elastic Nylon Apple Watch Band

anhem elastic nylon apple watch bands

The Anhem elastic nylon Apple Watch sport loop excels in both comfort and breathability, making it perfect for rigorous workouts. The loop design provides a secure fit while having an additional buckle for further adjustments, and the breathable fabric prevents moisture buildup. This band is an excellent choice for activities that generate heat, keeping you comfortable throughout your workout.

3. Braided Buckle Loop Apple Watch Band

anhem braided buckle apple watch band

If you prefer the lightweight and durable nature of braided nylon, the Anhem Braided Buckle Band is tailored for your workouts. The soft and breathable nylon material ensures a comfortable fit, and the adjustable strap allows you to achieve the perfect snugness on your wrist. It's a versatile option for various exercise routines. The adjustable buckle is made of stainless steel for that extra ruggedness that may be required of an intense work out.

4. Elastic Nylon Band - ULTRA EDITION

anhem elastic nylon loop band for apple watch ultra

Embracing the Ultra Wide elastic nylon band for the Ultra Watch introduces a perfect fusion of comfort and adaptability, tailored for those with active lifestyles. Crafted from stretchable and breathable nylon, these bands provide a secure yet comfortable fit during diverse activities. The Ultra Wide design ensures a broader coverage, accommodating for the size of the extra large Ultra watches. The lightweight and sleek aesthetic contribute to a comfortable and stylish user experience. Although this watch band was designed for Ultra watches, it will fit 45mm, 44mm, and 42mm Apple Watches as well, but please note that the width of the band will extend all the way to the edge of the watch due to its extra wide band design.

4. Rugged Apple Watch Case

anhem rugged apple watch cases

While not an Apple Watch band, a rugged Apple Watch case brings an extra layer of protection, durability and impact resistance to your Apple Watch, protecting your device from drops, impacts, and scratches during any strenuous work outs. With a variety of styles and colors, these cases provide a personalized touch while maintaining access to essential functionalities. Whether for workouts, outdoor adventures, or demanding occupations, a rugged case ensures your Apple Watch remains intact and functional, offering a peace of mind.

Protect Your Apple Watch

Choosing the right Anhem band for your Apple Watch can significantly enhance your workout experience. Whether you prioritize breathability, comfort, or adjustability, Anhem offers a range of bands to suit your preferences. Elevate your fitness journey with a band that not only complements your style but also keeps up with your active lifestyle.


  • anhem

    @cashews blog Each band does have its pro’s & cons! The Active silicone band is great as they do tend to be very durable and lasts a long time. The nylon bands are breathable and washable but don’t look as new over time due to the velcro design. Though, we would never recommend exercising with a stainless steel band! :)

  • Cashew's Blog

    Very insightful comment, @Jesse U.

    Here’s a real review: There are plenty of bands out there you can buy and try (Apple’s Woven Nylon and Stainless Steel bands that I don’t have – the Woven Nylon doesn’t seem to offer anything over the Sport Loop for exercise, and the stainless steel ones seem to be a bad idea altogether because of the extra bulk and edges) but these are the ones I have.

    If you want my daily preference it’s going to be the ACTIVE Sport Band which is the one I wear most now – it’s a great combo of practicality, a bit flash (and matches the blue digital crown on the watch). Nice watch

  • Jesse U.

    im not that active so wont be getting this bands

  • ivoryBar

    Hey, something that applies to me. I actually own the rugged band series that I wear to the gym (I go to the gym at least minimum 6times/week). And I say MINIMUM. As a matter of fact, 6 times a week at the gym doesn’t sound too bad. You just need to dedicate about an hour(?) for your routines and you’re out of there in no time. It’s about discipline, hard work, and sacrifice. Every move, every exertion is a conscious, premeditated decision that you make with your body to be the perfect example (of your own fitness goals) of athleticism. I’m sick and tired of people telling me that I cannot do things, that I’m unable to do things, that I’m not enough but all that is thrown out the window once I’m in the gym doing my own thing and holding it down. I actually lift pretty heavy for my weight and height (5’6" - 167-170lbs) 350 DL, 215 Squat, 165 Bench- inSanityCardio 3x week (nothing to scoff at). Calorie count around 1800. Starving, but I make it work some times. I usually food prep for the week but sometimes I have the urge to eat out (which is okay!). Just as long as you keep your calorie count hovering around your daily goal then you should be fine. (IDK if my email will show up with this comment, but contact me for a protein rich omelette that I frankenstein-created) The secret is using a cast iron skillet to evenly cook all the ingredients together which also adds to the flavor too. I don’t use a lot of seasoning. I actually prefer to add a little paprika instead of salt and pepper.. but to each their own. A 12-inch cast iron skillet is a really good all-around size. I had an 8-inch one before… and I hated it. The portion sizes were way too small for me so I had to upgrade to a 12-inch, and I have to say, it was one of the best decisions I made in 2019. It’s funny that a cast iron skillet would be a highlight of that year but it was actually a bad time for me. I got laid off from my work that I’ve worked at for SIX YEARS. I couldn’t believe it at first. I helped build the company from almost scratch and my boss (who I thought was my friend) turned his back on me because he thought he was paying me too much.. I developed a huge drinking problem afterwards and became depressed for a while but the only light I had was the gym (which I often went to while really hungover). Anyways, the rugged band is pretty neat.

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