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Best Apple Watch Bands For Men

Finding stylish and high-quality Apple Watch bands for men can be daunting.  There's so many different options out there that it can be easy to get lost in a sea of bands.

Well, we’re here for you and we've made it easy by listing some of our fan favorite bands that are designed especially for men. These are larger and heavier than other bands which complements men's wrists quite nicely.  Our bands are also offered in many color options which can include: Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Blue, & many more!

These bands and straps can literally change the look of your Apple Watch and bring it a renewed purpose. You can wear them in almost any occasion including office and night out settings.

You can check out some of the Apple watch bands that we offer below:

titanium apple watch bands
Titanium Apple Watch Band
classic apple watch band stainless steel
Classic Apple Watch Band
two tone apple watch bands
Two Tone Apple Watch Band
ceramic apple watch bands


These are only a few of our bands for men from our collection of Apple Watch bands.  If you have larger wrists, you can trust us that these bands will fit you more proportionally than other bands on the market. These watch bands have a wider width, are usually longer in length, and made of heavy-duty materials (such as 316L stainless steel or genuine calf skin leather).

Do you have unusually large wrists? If you’re interested in an adjustable band (all our stainless steel bands are adjustable), then don’t worry, you can contact us at team@anhem.tech and we help arrange for you extra links! We got you!

They all come with a 1-Year Warranty and 30 Days for returns or exchanges. Hassle-free for your convenience!

We have a large collection of other bands as well.

You can feel free to browse our store at any time and take a look at all of our other bands and color combinations.

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  • DarlingKay

    I’ve been on a shopping binge ever since the Covid pandemic has kept a lot of us stuck at home with nothing to do (and no work to go to). I stumbled upon these bands and really like them for their rugged looks and their likeness to actual, traditional watches (which I have forsaken for Apple watches). I tend to lean towards the stainless steel bands but sometimes find my arm hair stuck in between the wedges and get yanked out (ouch!). Leather bands are okay… but look way too slim for my thick wrists—looks like a dainty belt around my wrist lol. My solution was to just put a slice of saran wrap underneath the steel band so my arm hair wouldn’t get caught. I could shave them but I wear long sleeves anyways, so I don’t really mind (I’m a woman, BTW).

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Best Apple Watch Bands For Men