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The Apple Watch Will Open Doors to New Medical Applications

The Apple Watch is full of health apps like fitness tracker that will track your exercise for the day, miles walked, etc.  But the Apple Watch is about to open its doors to even more ground breaking applications.

Dexcom, a medical device maker, are expected to create watch bands with sensors installed that will be able to track certain symptoms.  Apple announced it at this year's WWDC and Dexcom's stocks have already hiked up 6%.

Dexcom will be creating a glucose sensor that will be able to connect to Apple Watches.  This may be a small feature to some, but by doing this, they are paving out a road in the right direction that will lead to many more real time medical applications.

Another startup in 2016 called AliveCor, announced that they will be developing an Apple Watch band named 'Kardia' that will be able to track Atrial Fibrilations (irregular heart rhythms) which can lead to a stroke or other related conditions.  The Apple Watch has got an interesting road ahead of them and we are eager to see what other applications they'll be bringing to the table.

Do you think you would use these tech bands?  Would you buy it for a loved one that you think may benefit from it?  


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The Apple Watch Will Open Doors to New Medical Applications