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The Apple Watch is Officially the Most Popular Smartwatch in the World

Just like how Apple changed the phone industry, Apple has changed the smartwatch industry as well. 

As of 2018, Apple has taken over 50% of the smartwatch industry and seems they will maintain their leading position for many years to come with no slowing down in sight.  

Data shows that Samsung owns 13.7% of the market, while Fitbit follows close behind at 12.7%.  Global smartwatch sales hit 18 million units sold during the fourth quarter of 2018 (an annual increase of 56%).

Although Apple is leading the space in smarwatches, Fitbit is still leading in all things tracking abilities.  However, that may not be for long as we may start seeing more tracking abilities from Apple as well.

For example, a recent rumor has surfaced that Apple may soon introduce sleep tracking.  Unlike the Apple Watch, Fitbits can already natively track hours slept, how many times you've woken up at night, as well as sleep cycles (light, deep, REM).  Apple is reportedly still testing this new feature out and may be introduced sometime in 2020.

We're not at all surprised by how much Apple is dominating this industry.  Were you?

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  • Stephen W

    i would have to agree. i really enjoy my smart watch a lot. they should release a watch where you can detach the display from the band and use it as a handheld device. that you can put in your pocket. this would be like a double trouble and versatile tech to have. one you can have a watch and another you can use as a handheld which would be great.

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The Apple Watch is Officially the Most Popular Smartwatch in the World