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Sony Just Filed for a Patent That Could Allow Wireless Charging Between Devices

Ever dream of one day being able to walk into a room, to have your phone magically charging right in your pocket? Wirelessly? No cables? No looking for a wall outlet? No carrying around a heavy external battery?  

Well, keep on dreaming because we aren't quite there yet.  However, Sony is taking the first steps in the right direction.  Sony has just filed for a new patent which allows devices to charge wireless through another device using NFC technology.  

The patent doesn't mention smartphone devices specifically and instead refers to "portable consumer electronic devices" which could be applied to not just phones, but any home goods devices such as microwave, laundry machine, TV's or anything else that can use NFC.  

 The technology is assumed to work like WiFi where the devices would search for nearby NFC enabled devices where wireless charging is cable and then would connect and start charging wirelessly.  We expect there will be a short connecting range for it to work.

However, filing for a patent and actually developing and applying the technology are two different things.  Just because Sony has filed for this patent, doesn't necessarily mean they'll be able to execute it.  We'll have to wait and see what Sony's next step is.  

There's one thing we know for sure is that wireless charging will become the future, it's just a matter of who will get there first. 

Do you use a wireless charging pad now or would you like to see some offered at Anhem? Are you excited for advances in wireless charging? Let us know down below.

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Sony Just Filed for a Patent That Could Allow Wireless Charging Betwee