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Play Bill Gates Game from 1981 on the Apple Watch

Most of you might not remember DONKEY.BAS, but it is one of the earliest PC games ever created.  In fact, it was created by no other than Bill Gates himself.  

Back in 1981, Bill Gates and his colleague Neil Konzen worked on this game together which only 131 lines of code written for it.  In 1981, this was rather spectacular and sophisticated.  

Fast forwrd to 2012, an app developer XVision recreated the game and calls it DONKEY.APP to be run on iOS. Fast forward again to Jan 13, 2017 the same developer has now made the game available on the Apple Watch.

The game itself will cost you $0.99.  The game is basically described as a, "super simple but frustratingly hard retro arcade game."  To play the game, all you have to do is avoid the obstacles on the road as you control a race car.  The obstacles happen to be donkeys, don't ask us why, we don't know why. 


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Play Bill Gates Game from 1981 on the Apple Watch