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Possible 10th Anniversary Edition Apple iPhone Model Could Cost You Up to $1,000

Apple is expected to release 3 new iPhone models in the near future.  Apple iPhone 7S, 7S Plus, and a special 10th Anniversary Edition iPhone to celebrate the 10 years of iPhone.  Not many features or design details have been released yet, but the 10th Anniversary iPhone is expected to be called the "iPhone X."  

Rumors are circulating around that the starting price for this ultimate iPhone could cost consumers over $1,000.  You may be asking yourself, why? Just why or how could a smartphone cost over $1,000?  Well, currently the top of the line iPhone 7 Plus sells for over $950.  To add to this, the new "iPhone X" will have many more features and design upgrades which bumps up the premium price.  

Possible features and upgrades for iPhone X?

  •  It is believed the biggest reason for the price hike is due to switching from LCD to OLED display
  • Possible memory upgrade
  • Sides may possible be made of forged stainless steel rather than aluminum
  • Back may be made of glass
  • Bigger battery
  • Possibility of no home button

If these rumors are true, would you still buy an Apple iPhone for over $1,000?  Or do you think the price is too much for what you're getting?  Apple usually announces their new iPhone models in the Fall and sales start shortly afterwards.  

We're interested in keeping up with these updates and finding out if there really will be an iPhone X with a price point of +$1,000 and what makes it so expensive.  If you're interested in finding out in the future as well, then be sure to subscribe for more future updates!

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Possible 10th Anniversary Edition Apple iPhone Model Could Cost You Up