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Next Apple Watch May Come With LTE Connectivity

The next Apple Watch, presumed to be named the Apple Watch Series 3, may come with LTE connectivity for the first time.  All the old Apple Watch models have only been able to connect via bluetooth to your iPhone meaning that your iWatch is basically useless if you do not have your phone connected to it.  This new update will change that, allowing users to be able to leave their phones at home for short trips to the grocery store or the gym and just have their watch on them instead.  

There is still not much that is known about it but Apple could sell models with no LTE connection and a premium model with LTE that users will have to pay for separate data plan.  

It is clear that there will be some pros and cons:


  • iWatch will no longer be dependent on iPhone
  • You can leave your phone at home for short trips to the grocery, gym, etc.


  • LTE connectivity most likely means paying a separate data plan
  • LTE may decrease battery life

If the new iWatch does indeed come with LTE, then we can also presume the new device to be even larger than the old model, but hopefully with an improved battery to help feed the LTE chip.

Amongst this news, there are also rumors that the new Apple Watch may have an all new form factor.  We won't know anything for sure until its announcement around September along with the new iPhone 8.

Would you like to have an LTE enabled Apple Watch? Would you be willing to pay for the extra data plan for it?  Let us know what you think below!

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Next Apple Watch May Come With LTE Connectivity