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How Long Will Your Apple AirTags Last?


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AirTags are Apple's answers to tracking and never losing your everyday items. They are small tracking devices that you can use to track your travel bags, purses, pets and by using AirTag Accessories.  Some of the more popular accessories are AirTag luggage tags and AirTag Keychain holder, and AirTag bracelets made especially for children or the elderly.

How long will your Apple AirTag last?

Under normal conditions and usages, your AirTags should last you approximately one year using the original batteries. The average lifespan of your device can be shorter or longer depending on where you keep your AirTags and how often you are tracking them. If your Apple AirTag is exposed to the weather more often, it may cause the device to die sooner than usual.

Should you protect your AirTag with a protective case?

No matter how long your battery lasts, it won't matter if your AirTag becomes damaged. A protective AirTag case can help prevent that. Not to mention that most AirTag cases duals as a keychain that you can hook onto your keys, bags, or anything else you can think of. When selecting the right protective case for your AirTag, considering both form and function. Look for cases crafted from durable materials that provide a snug fit for your device. Additionally, explore designs that align with your personal style, ensuring that your AirTag not only stays protected but also makes a stylish statement.

Can you replace the original AirTag batteries?

Yes you can! You can follow these simple steps to replace your battery when it dies:

  1. Hold the AirTag with the silver side facing up
  2. Open the silver cap by gently pressing down and turning it counter clock-wise.
  3. Remove the original battery and replace it with a new CR2032 lithium coin battery with the positive sign and words facing upward.
  4. Close the AirTag again with the silver cap
  5. The AirTag will sound like a chime once the battery has been successfully replaced and locked.

How to get the most out of your Apple AirTag?

To optimize the performance of your Apple AirTags, consider pairing them with accessories specifically designed to protect and attach to your everyday items. These purpose-built AirTag accessories not only enhance tracking capabilities but also ensure that your items remain secure and easily identifiable.

In conclusion, maximizing the benefits of AirTags involves understanding their lifespan, protecting them with durable cases, replacing batteries when needed, and maximizing their efficiency through purposeful accessories. Embrace the full potential of these tracking devices, transforming the way you safeguard and keep track of your valuable belongings.

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How Long Will Your Apple AirTags Last?