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Best Apple Watch Gold Bands

Looking for an Apple Watch gold band?  Of course you are!  Gold watch bands are becoming more popular every year.  It's a great way to express your fancy side without breaking the bank! 

Here at Anhem, we offer many gold watch bands that are designed just for the Apple Watch. We have styles like classic, two-tone, polished, and even milanese mesh bands.

These gold bands are always made of high quality stainless steel. No cheap materials here. Our craftsmanship is backed by our 1-Year Warranty.  

Continue below to check out some of our customer favorite gold watch bands!

anhem apple watch band gold

Classic Apple Watch Band

Classic styled watch band.  Our #1 customer favorite band.  Made of high quality stainless steel and has good weight to it.  Great for larger wrists, but those with smaller wrists who don't mind the weight can enjoy this band as well.

anhem apple watch rhinestone band

Rhinestone Band

This watch band is designed with bling rhinestones!  This band is unisex and both men and women can enjoy the band.  Just consider that the band can be on the slimmer side.

anhem apple watch two tone bands

Two-Tone Band

The design of this band is the same as our classic band above, but the color is designed with two-toned colors.  Not only is it available in silver and gold, but in many other colors like silver + black, silver + rose gold, and more!

anhem apple watch polished band gold

Polish Band

This band is made of stainless steel and is designed to have a two tone finish as well.  It is half polished and half brushed metal for a more unique look.  



Did you like any of the gold Apple Watch straps?  If you did, we have more that you can check out!  Come look through the rest of our gold bands, as well as our full collection.  You can find them all on our Anhem online store.  


  • Kimberly C.

    I bought this back in December and was able to remove the links for the gold band myself. It wasn’t too difficult but it wasn’t easy either. Unfortunately, the band didn’t come with directions so I had to research on my own (which was really easy) and watched a couple youtube videos and I was set. I’ve never worked with bands before so I was nervous about removing the links because I was nervous about removing the bands because I wasn’t sure if I could put it back together. In the end, the process was simple after watching a couple videos. I was wonder, though, if you will be releasing new bands with a higher/better metal quality because over the past 4 months of wearing, I’ve been getting a lot of unintended scratches on the band. I would love to purchase another band that won’t scratch as often. Overall, this band is great

  • Leslie w

    Hello, bought this (two-tone band) for my partner for his birthday because the band is different than other styles he currently owns. He has mainly leather bands and whatnot and I’ve been telling him to get a metal/shiny/silver band because it looks more lugsiorious! He has been lagging about buying one for himself so I just got it for him on his birthday. So far he’s been wearing it on and off but not sure if he truly likes it. I guess “time will tell”.

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Best Apple Watch Gold Bands