Best Apple Watch Bands For Small Wrists

We know that one of the biggest struggles of purchasing an Apple Watch band is finding one that fits your wrists.  Most bands today seem to be sized for large wrists, and finding one for a small and skinny wrist can be tiresome.

Some bands aren't able to remove enough links, other straps (like leather) are too long, wide, or even too heavy for smaller wrists.  

Bands that are designed for small wrists are proportioned correctly for a seamless look and finding these bands can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

We know it's difficult, because it is the #1 question that we get all the time, "Do you have any Apple Watch bands for small wrists?"

Here are some of our fan favorites:

Ceramic Link Band

Nearly scratch proof & hypoallergenic. Every link is removable, allowing it to fit even the smallest wrists.

Metal Chain Link Band

Chain link band which is similar to our ceramic bands and almost every link is removable, allowing to fit petite and slim wrists.  Very Lightweight.

Slim Leather Band

Especially designed for petite wrists! These are extra slim and made from genuine leather.

Nylon Sport Loop Band

Woven velcro band which makes it perfect for wrists of all sizes.


Of course, these are just some of our fan favorites.  You can check out the rest of our collection at Anhem.

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