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Apple Will Fix Apple Watch Series 2 Expanded Battery Issue

Is your Apple Watch Series 2 out of commission due to a battery issue?  The Apple Watch 2 is known to have this very specific battery issue where the battery actually expands and in some circumstances may actually crack the display or prevent the device from powering on altogether.

Good news for those who have that problem.  If you do have an Apple Watch 2 that seems to have an expanded battery issue, you may be up for a free repair from Apple.

Those eligible must have an 42mm Apple Watch 2 and that includes all Apple Watch 2 models including the Nike+ and Hermes edition.  Warranty coverage will not affect this free service.

To get your free repair, simply contact your local Apple Store and be sure to mention your Apple Watch 2 battery issue.  All repairs would be done at an off-site Apple Repair Center. 

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Apple Will Fix Apple Watch Series 2 Expanded Battery Issue