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Apple Watch's New Toy Story Animated Watch Face is Now Live

Following the release of WatchOS4, the Apple Watch is now integrated with new Toy Story watch faces.  The new watch faces are animated with characters like Woody, Jessie, Buzz Light Year, and more.  Although each of the faces are animated when the watch is raised, the characters don't yet speak when tapped on.  We can assume they'll add that feature on in a later update.

The face's don't come with just one animation, but multiple animations that will be randomly played each time your watch is raised.  You can also completely randomize which characters appear by selecting the toy box when setting up the watch face.

If you have the Mickey and Minnie watch faces, then you'll be familiar with how the animations and loading works.  

As for why they would create Toy Story watch faces?

We can assume it's to honor the late Steve Job's whose first animated movie with Pixar was indeed Toy Story.  

Are you excited about this new update and all the characters they're bringing to the Apple Watch? This update will surely satisfy the more hard core Disney and Toy Story fans.  Would you wear any of these faces? Or would you prefer more classic and sophisticated faces?

If you have the Apple Watch live animated wallpapers, be sure to pair it up with our Mickey Mouse Ear iWatch Covers.  


  • Cashew's Blog

    @Becca Steve Jobs died in 2011, btw..

  • Becca

    i really like the direction steve jobs is taking apple. i will continue buying this product as i’m a huge disney fan as well! i have the yearly pass for disneyland so this would be a nice treat aswell. with d23 this weekend, i hope he does a panel showcasing this new animation watches. i’ll be there as well!

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Apple Watch's New Toy Story Animated Watch Face is Now Live