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6 Apple Watch Tips & Tricks You Want to Know

The Apple Watch on your wrist might be small, but it sure is packed with big things.  Here are some tips and tricks that you might not know about, that could actually be really useful. Continue reading below to learn some of the best ones we think everybody should know.

Ping your iPhone

Put your Apple Watch in the watch face mode then activate Glances by swiping upwards.   The next thing to do is to keep swiping until you get to the Settings glance and simply tap the "Ping iPhone" icon to ping  your iPhone or you may also hold the button to also include strobing LED flash in darker situations.

Check your iPhone's battery life

You can do this with a number of apps from the Apple App store.  You just find the one you like and download it and follow the directions.  Simple as that.  Here's one for you to try out: Power: Glance at power life.

Dismiss all your notifications at once

All you have to do is simply long press on the notification screen to bring up the clear all button.  Voila, clean notification bar.

Muting notifications with your palm

Go to My Watch -> Sounds & Haptics -> select "Cover to Mute."  Now you can quickly and easily mute any new notifications and alerts just by placing your palm over your Apple Watch display and holding it there for 3 seconds.  

Personal stock messages

To use this feature, simply launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and go to the messages settings, then select "Default Replies" to edit and input your own replies.  This allows you to easily reply to people through text messages with only a couple of presses.

Sharing your location

Sharing your location can be helpful in all sorts of situations.  With the Apple Watch, they've made it even easier.  All you have to do is simply long press your watch from within messages and it'll give you 3 options for "Reply," "Options," and "Send location."  

These tips and tricks are only the tip of the ice berg.  Some of these you may know, and some of these you may not.  The fact is that there are so many more features, that we just can't share them all.  However, we did share with you some of our favorites and hope you can put some of these features to use.  

Perhaps we'll share more in part 2 of this blog post! Be sure to like or share this post to someone you think might find this helpful!  


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6 Apple Watch Tips & Tricks You Want to Know