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Apple Watch Series 3 May Come with New Micro-LED Display Technology

The Apple Watch Series 3 hasn't been announced or release yet, not until the second half of 2017 at least, but that hasn't stopped rumors from leaking out.  The most intriguing rumor so far?  That Apple may introduce a new display technology on its Apple Watch devices.  

Micro-LED Display

According to Business Korea, Apple will introduce it's new "Micro-LED display" technology that they have allegedly been working on in a secret lab in Taiwan.  These displays will be almost better in every way.  It is thinner, lighter, and more energy efficient when compared to most other displays, including OLED's.  With wearable technology being so small, every oz of juice really counts.  The only downfall to this technology is that it is quite expensive to produce on a large scale.  

What does this mean for Apple's current suppliers?

Apple's current suppliers for displays are Samsung and LG.  If Apple does indeed switch to Micro-LED displays, then Samsung and LG are expected to take a big financial hit for the year estimate at $200 million.  Should Apple switch over to Mico-LED Display technology completely for their iPhone line as well, then they are expected to take a massive $1 Billion hit.  

iPhone 8

The Apple Watch 3 will most likely be announced and sold along side the not yet announced iPhone 8.  It will be a big year for Apple as they release their Series 3 iWatch and their 10th anniversary iPhone 8 (original iPhone released back in 2007).  We are also expecting great things for the iPhone 8 as Apple is rumored to be releasing a special limited edition version for their 10th anniversary. 


The Apple iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3 will be announced in the late 2017.  Apple is widely known for announcing their new iPhone models around October of each year.  (5 more months!)

Let us know if you're planning on grabbing the new iPhone 8 or Apple Watch Series 3 when it's released!  


  • Anhem

    Lucky you! It’s still a few months out from the official annoucement, so there’s still time for them to tweak and fix some things if needed. That’s what the early prototypes are for! :)

  • Stephen W

    I received an Apple Watch 3 prototype early because of the company I work for. It looks more smooth and cleaner than it’s predecessor, very solid. The display is extremely intuitive and reacts with finger and voice recognition far better than any other smart watch on the market as of yet. The apps, on the contrary, very basic and nothing to rave about. The only complaint that I have is that it gets extremely hot when used continuously—about 2-3 hours. It’s as if the space shuttle Columbia simultaneously blasted off and disintegrated on the top of my wrist. I mean, the pain is unbearable. I now am an owner of a branded reverse Apple logo where the watch rests. Overall a good product 7.5/10

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Apple Watch Series 3 May Come with New Micro-LED Display Technology