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Apple Watch is Getting WatchOS 6 Update & Big Features Are Coming!

Apple has finally announced its newest operating system, WatchOS 6 and there are big features coming!  These new features were announced at WWDC 2019 and we'll run through them for you to catch you up on what's coming to the Apple Watch.

New Watch Faces

These new faces will include super minimalistic designs to more super intricate designs which can include more detailed information such as cell signal and the weather.

New Taptic Chime Feature

This new feature allows you to have the option of enabling a "taptic chime" that alerts you at the top of every hour.  You can set it to buzz on your wrist or enable the sound to allow it to "chime" instead.  

Apple Watch Native App Store

The biggest and most exciting feature is the addition of the App store.  Before, if you wanted to download an app to your watch, you would have to download it through a nearby iPhone.  Now, you'll be able to do it directly from your Apple Watch.


Now you can listen to your Audiobooks through your watch.  Music, podcasts, and audiobooks will now be able to sync to your watch for a seamless listening experience.  

Voice Calculator & Voice Memos

You would assume these two apps would be native to the Apple Watch.  Well now, they are.  You'll be able to calculate numbers and add voice memos from your watch on the go.

Shazam + Siri

Siri will be boosted by Shazam (a song identifier app).  You'll now be able to ask Siri on your Apple Watch what song you're listening to and she will be able find out for you.

Health & Fitness Updates

The health and fitness tracker will be updated to track more fitness metrics as well as calculate your fitness trends to show you how much you're moving over the course of months or years.

Decibel Alerts

The Apple Watch will now be able to warn you when you when the audio around you is at a level that could damage your hearing.  The feature is supposed to work by picking up short samples throughout the day and analyzing the decibel levels.  For privacy issues, the recordings are supposed to not be saved at all.

Period Cycle Tracking

Apple's health app will now be able to predict when a menstrual cycle is coming, and will use that information to help calculate the users fertility period.


WatchOS 6 should be rolling out to Apple Watches around Fall time.  Exact dates haven't been announced yet.


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  • Olivia I.

    you have to wonder what the person who invented science would think about this — I doubt he expected his humble invention would lead to smartphones! Such an achievement

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Apple Watch is Getting WatchOS 6 Update & Big Features Are Coming!