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Apple iPhone & iPad to Get Some Cool & Useful Updates Soon

Coming up in a few weeks, Apple will release some new updates that should prove to be equally cool as it is useful.  The new update is iOS11 and will be pushed to iPhones and iPad devices soon.

Although there are many new features available in the new update, we've decided to go through only a few of them to highlight some of the best features found in the update.

1.  Apple Pay Cash

Similar to Venmo, Apple Pay Cash will allow users to make payments, receive payments through their virtual wallet through their iMessage app.  When sending or requsting payment from a friend, all you do is open up your iMessage and tap on the newly designed Apple Pay Cash thumbnail.  

2.  Siri Improvements

Siri has gotten some improvements to her voice and voice recognition.  Siri will better understand your words and will also have a more realistic human voice.  Some other features include some translation updates as well.

3.  Running Multiple Apps Side-By-Side

One of the biggest changes in iOS 11 is the ability to run multiple apps side-by-side.  Not just your old usual split screen, but you will be able to interact with 2 apps simultaneously for example, drag and drop photos from your gallery to your e-mail inbox.  

4.  Do Not Disturb Mode For Driving

One of the major distractions in driving is undoubtedly your mobile phone.  The constant notifications from messages, phone calls, facebook, can all distract you from the road increasing your chances of a wreck.  Apple has taken steps to further ensure user safety while driving (so long as you enable the feature).  The new feature will simply put your phone on silent mode so that no notifications will come through during your drive.  A feature so simple, we're surprised it hadn't come sooner.

There's no official release date for the new update yet, but you can expect to hear more about it at it's September 12th annoucement this month.

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  • Stephen W

    just preordered the iphone x. really excited to try this new ios. not sure about the do not disturb mode for driving though. i’d like to navigate maps and play music sometimes when driving so not sure

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Apple iPhone & iPad to Get Some Cool & Useful Updates Soon