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Anhem's Journey to Sustainability

Recycled padded mailers

We have completely switched to recycled padded mailers for delivery.  Our recycled packaging is made out of 77% recycled paper fibers and 62% post-consumer material.  

Recycled plastics and papers

90% of all  paper and plastics that are used for each delivery are either recycled or repurposed materials.  The most important thing to remember during our journey to sustainability, are the four R's. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & Rethink.

Carbon Footprint

You can help us reduce our overall carbon footprint by adding $1 to your order.  The funds will be used for international renewable energy projects and native forest regeneration.  Funding these projects will immensely reduce our overall carbon footprint.  We've partnered with CarbonClick to support only projects of the highest standard and that provides full transparency.  You can trace your conservation efforts after your order is placed.



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  • Jill Lewis

    This is great to hear! More and more companies should begin to follow suit since our consumer lifestyles have begun to shift towards eCommerce and more and more waste is being produced. Consumerism won’t end any time soon, the only thing we can do together is to reduce waste and try to stop the sun from being affected by global warming. This is a threat we need to take seriously and try to convince our politicians to pass greener laws before a hurricane gets powerful enough that it blows the earth away from the Sun..

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Anhem's Journey to Sustainability