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6 Apple Watch Features You Want to Try

Apple has released WatchOS 6.  In order for you to use some of these new Apple Watch features, you'll have to update your watch.  Once you have WatchOS 6 on your watch, be sure to check out some of the features we think you'd want to try:


A calculator app is long overdue on the Apple Watch.  It is now natively available on your watch.  You'll be able to perform all of the standard calculations you would with a regular calculator.  On top of that, there's a TIP button to help you calculate how much tip to leave at a restaurant.

Deleting Apps

You can now declutter your app screen by uninstalling apps directly from your Apple Watch.  Uninstalling an app is just like uninstalling an app from your phone.  You simply long press an app icon until an "x" appears.  Then simply press the "x" button to complete uninstalling that app.

Native App Store

You can now download apps from an App Store directly from your Apple Watch.  No need to download through your iPhone first!  

Cycle Tracking

This feature is for the ladies.  Women can now track by logging your symptoms.  There are alerts and reminders to help nudge you to log them so that your tracking is more accurate.

Preventing Hearing Loss

The new Noise App will help you prevent any hearing loss in the future.  It functions by letting you know when the decibel of the environment you are currently in is higher than 80 decibels (80+ decibels can damage your hearing).  The app also lets you know how long you can be in that environment before some damage to your hearing may be affected.

I.D. Music

Shazam is now available on your Apple Watch.  You can now use Shazam by either pressing and holding the digital crown and speaking with Siri, or by waking Siri up by saying "Hey Siri, what song is this?"

Have you tried these new features yet?  Do you like them?  

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6 Apple Watch Features You Want to Try