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Unveiled Apple iPhone X at Apple Keynote Recap

Apple Event Keynote just recently announced some new devices, some already released and others to be released soon.  Among some of these devices is the brand new and special edition Apple iPhone X expected to be released late October.  

The Apple iPhone X was unveiled alongside the new Apple iPhone 8 as a special edition because it has actually been 10 years since the release of the original Apple iPhone.  One way to celebrate this 10 year anniversary was to release this special Apple iPhone X which encompasses some new features and hardware that aren't seen on the iPhone 8.

If you're interested in a recap of what the new iPhone X entails, then read on.  We'll go over the highlights that we think are worth mentioning.

Super Retina Display

One of the new features found on the new iPhone X is their all new Super Retina Display.  The new display is 5.8" with a resolution of 2436x1125.  The PPI is 458 which is the highest on any Apple device to date.  The new Super Retina Display uses the new OLED technology.  OLED technology has all of the benefits of the traditional LED but with the added benefits of:

  • Brighter
  • Wide Color Support
  • Better Color Accuracy

This new display also reaches from edge to edge for one of the largest screen Apple has every produced on an iPhone.  Edge to edge screen means that they have taken out the home button.

No Physical Home Button

To compensate for the larger screen, Apple had to remove the physical home button.  This will be by far one of the hardest things to adapt to when using this new iPhone.  So if there is no home button, how do you get around using the new iPhone?  Well, Apple has integrated some new gestures and features to make the iPhone more usable.  

  • To go the home screen, simply swipe up from the bottom to go home from any screen.
  • To multitask, swipe up from the bottom and stop half way through to enter multi-tasking.
  • To use Siri, say "Hey Siri" if your phone is unlocked.  From the lock screen, you can activate Siri by holding the home button.

Face ID

No home button, means no Touch ID.  So Apple has introduced the all new Face ID which comes with a pin code as a secondary login.  

By using their 'Truedepth Camera System,' the iPhone X will log you into your phone using advanced facial recognition.  What is their Truedepth Camera System?  

Truedepth Camera System:

  • Flood illuminator
  • Infrared camera
  • Front camera
  • Dot Projector
  • Ambiet light sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Speaker
  • Microphone

The device uses these functions to safely and accurately recognize your face using their also newly developed 'Neural Networks.'  Simply put, the iPhone X interacts and functions with all these hardwares to identify and log you into your phone almost instantly by looking at your phone.  

The neural network learns your face over time even if you change your look (hairstyle, glasses, hats, facial hair, etc).  Apple claims there is only a 1 in 1 million chance that someone would be able to login to your phone using FaceID.


How else can they utilize their truedepth camera system?  They have introduced Animoji's.  Animoji's uses your facial expressions to bring your emoji's to life.  Not a particularly useful feature, but some will find it fun.

Rear Camera

  • 12MP dual rear cameras
  • Larger and faster sensors
  • New color filter
  • Deeper pixels
  • Dual OIS (optical image stabilization)
  • Quad-LED true tone flash
  • Zero shutter lag
  • Great low light photos

The front facing camera is also improved with the help of their truedepth camera system which allows for full selfie portraits.


The iPhone X will last approximately 2 hours more than the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.  For the first time ever, the iPhone now has wireless charging capabilities as well.  Apple will be introducing their all new charging pad which they claim can efficiently charge all your devices at once using AirPower.  You will be able to charge your iPhone X, Apple Watch, and even your Apple Air Pods with their wireless charging case.  Keep an eye out for it soon, as it has not yet been released.


Last, but never certainly the least is the new A11 Bionic Processor.  Apple really stepped up their power with a 6 core processor.  The 6 core processor includes 2 high performance cores and 4 high efficiency cores for the best balance of power and battery life. 

  • 6 core design
  • 2 high performance cores (25% faster than previous A10 chip)
  • 4 high efficiency cores (70% faster than previous A10 chip)

These are only some of the new features and hardwares of the iPhone X.  If you want to learn more, you can read more about it at Apple.

The Apple iPhone X has not been released yet, but is set to be released on Oct 27th.  Will you be reserving your iPhone X or is the premium price point a turn off?  The iPhone X starts at $999 which is $200 more than the iPhone 8 Plus model.  If you think the iPhone X is the next must have device you can pre-order your iPhone X here today. 

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Unveiled Apple iPhone X at Apple Keynote Recap