Is Super Mario Run Worth the Hefty $10 Price Tag?

Nintendo released earlier this week the very highly anticipated Mario RUN mobile gaming app exclusively to iOS.  

Before continuing: Check it out here on the App store first.  The new Mario game has 2 versions now available on the App store.  It offers a free version and a premium $10 version.  

Is the $10 worth it?

The free version only has a few levels unlocked while the premium $10 version has all levels unlocked as well as all features. This game avoids using microtransactions, so don't worry about having to spend extra $$$ having to purchase necessary in-game items to be able to move forward.

One huge difference between the Classic Mario Games & Mario Run on iOS

It's designed to be played with one hand.  Mario is continuously running forward and automatically jumps over smaller villains.  This means your main focus is to tap to jump over obstacles, collect coins, power ups, and to avoid and defeat larger more advanced villains.

Although you're limited to just jumping, Nintendo has added new jumping features not seen in the Classic Mario games which includes bouncing off walls, boosted jumps, slowing down falls, and more.

Social Challenges

Players can now compete with each other globally in what they are calling Toad Rally. In this mode, you gain points from clearing courses.  We weren't able to test this mode yet but it sounds like a nice addition to the game.

Final Thoughts

The first few levels start out fairly easy, but as you go on and get deeper and deeper into the game you will notice that the game gets noticeably harder with a good amount of replay value incorporated through collecting pink then purple coins.  The big question is if the $10 price tag is worth the premium experience.  You can try it out yourself with a trial once you download the game and you can decide for yourself.  

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  • John M.

    it’s not as fancy as having an xbox but when i was a kid, my brother and i would play hopscotch all day. i bet kids today dont even know what that is

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