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How to extend the lifetime of your Apple Watch bands

No matter what type of Apple Watch band you have whether they are stainless steel, leather, or nylon, they all need to have at least some level of care if you wish to maximize the lifetime of your bands.  You can follow these simple guidelines below: 

For Metal Apple Watch Bands:

Titanium Link Watch Bands - AnhemAnhem Apple watch accessories Polished Apple Watch Band Stainless SteelWomen's Slim Stainless Steel Watch Bands - AnhemClassic Stainless Steel Watch Bands - AnhemMilanese Loop Mesh Watch Bands - Anhem
Link Chain Metal Watch Bands - Anhem
  • Avoid wearing them too often while working at office jobs (this prematurely scuffs the bottom of the band).  Steel is naturally silver.  All colored stainless steel is chemically coated to ensure a level of durability. However, colors will still fade and chip with normal wear and tear.  This is normal for all stainless steel bands.
  • As with most stainless steel, it is recommended to avoid heavy extended contact with chlorine and sea water due to its corrosive nature with metals.  Rusting/corrosion can be accelerated when the surface of the watch band is damaged.  In the event that your stainless steel watch band comes into contact with chlorinated or sea water, we recommend drying off your stainless steel watch band right away to maximize its lifetime.  

For Titanium Apple Bands:

Titanium Link Watch Bands - Anhem
  • Generally, you will take care of your titanium Apple Watch bands the same as you would with a stainless steel band (detailed above). 
  • Although the band is made of Titanium, the buckle is partially made of stainless steel. Titanium does not rust, but stainless steel will rust when over exposed to moisture.
  • Other than caring for the stainless steel buckle, our titanium watch band is very durable and you can expect to enjoy it for quite a while.

For Ceramic Apple Watch Bands:

Classic Buckle Ceramic Watch Bands - Anhem
Butterfly Buckle Ceramic Watch Bands - Anhem
  • Our ceramic bands are scratch resistant so it is a great choice for office wear, however it may still crack or shatter due to hard impacts.
  • Ceramic is hypoallergenic and water resistant, but the buckle is still made of stainless steel. With all stainless steel, we recommend drying it off as soon as possible after coming in contact with moisture (swimming, washing hands, etc.). Doing so will ensure the buckle stays in pristine condition during the lifetime of your watch band.

For Leather Bands:

Women's Slim Leather Watch Bands - AnhemVintage Leather Watch Bands - AnhemMagnetic Leather Loop Watch Band - AnhemLeather Alligator Embossed Bands - Anhem
  • Avoid moisture and direct sunlight / high heat.  For more information on leather watch band care, click here.  

For Silicone & Fabric Apple Watch Bands:

Two Tone Silicone Sport Bands - AnhemMagnetic Silicone Sport Watch Bands - AnhemActive Silicone Sport Watch Bands - AnhemElastic Nylon Sport Loop Watch Bands - AnhemAnhem Bands Ultra Wide Elastic Nylon Watch BandsWoven Nylon Loop Watch Bands - Anhem

These bands are generally very easy to maintain! Over time, your fabric bands may become dirty due to the material. You may gently hand wash your band with dish soap or laundry detergent. Rinse off with clean water and allow the band to air dry. Once fully dry, your band should be as good as new!

Silicone and braided bands will slightly stretch over a long period of time. This cannot be avoided as this will be considered normal wear and tear.

If your silicone, nylon, braided bands come with a steel buckle, be sure to not over expose it to moisture. Dry it off as soon as you can after swimming, washing hands, etc. and the buckle will last you the lifetime of the band.

For all Apple Watch bands:

Your Apple Watch bands will include pre-installed Apple Watch adapters.  Some will be spring loaded and others will be attached by screws.  

  • If your Apple Watch adapter is attached by screws, please ensure the screws are tightly secured before wearing.  Periodical maintenance should be practiced every few weeks by checking on the screws to ensure they are still secure.  Over time (depending on the users level of activity), the screws may become loose due to daily activity.  Simply tighten the screws to maximize lifetime.  More information on how to attach your Apple Watch adapters can be found here.
  • If your Apple Watch adapter is spring loaded, there is normally no further maintenance.  Just periodically inspect the adapters to ensure they are in full working condition.

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    How to extend the lifetime of your Apple Watch bands