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Apple & Aetna Possible Partnership Could Bring iWatch to Millions of Aetna Members

Apple and Aetna reportedly held secret meetings last week in an attempt to form a partnership that would bring the Apple Watch to Aetna's 23 million members.  The rumor also reports that top executives from both Apple and Aetna were in attendance. 

This is not the first partnership deal that Apple and Aetna have formed.  Aetna already offers the Apple Watch to its 50,000 employees.  It seems now, Aetna is aiming to offer this same benefit to its members. 

This move would be ideal for Apple, seeing as Apple just recently overtook the Fitbit as the #1 health and fitness smartwatch.  Apple has also rumored to have secretly hired biomedical engineers to improve its sensors for tracking certain health conditions.  This new development would make the Apple Watch a "must have" health and fitness device.  

It has been known that Apple has been trying to break into the health industry and this just shows that Apple is willing to go the distance to fulfill that dream.  

Are you an Aetna member?  How do you feel about this partnership? Let us know down below!

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Apple & Aetna Possible Partnership Could Bring iWatch to Millions of A