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How to care for your leather smartwatch bands

Leather is undoubtedly a classic choice of material, not just for watch bands, but for clothing, bags, and other accessories.  Leather is chosen for its classic style that can be worn with any occasion, formal or casual.  

Unlike stainless steel and other materials, leather is a natural soft hide that does require some level of maintenance and care.  It's important to take these preventative steps to maintain the quality of the leather.

Things to avoid:

  1. Avoid exercising in your leather band.
  2. Avoid any moisture. (including swimming, rain, sink water)
  3. Avoid heavy exposure to direct sunlight or heat. 

What to do if your band comes into contact with moisture:

If your leather watch band comes into contact with heavy sweat or moisture, be sure to dry off your watch band right away.  Leather is a soft material that may absorbs moisture and dirt.

What to do if your band is left in direct sunlight or high heat?

While leather is a versatile material, direct sunlight and heat can cause the leather to dry and crack prematurely.  This is a normal aging process for leather and won't be an issue for most.  In fact, leather tends to age beautifully and naturally due to normal wear and tear.  However, if you prefer to keep your leather watch band in a pristine condition, you can avoid exposing your band to high heat or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. 

How to clean your leather smartwatch band:

  1. Simply wipe down your leather band with a dry cloth to remove excessive dirt.
  2. Wipe down your band with a lightly moistened cloth to remove any stubborn dirt or oil.  You may choose to use a light water / soap mixture for more heavily worn bands. 
  3. Dry your watch band again with a dry cloth and leave to air dry if still moist (do not use a blow dryer or leave in direct sunlight)

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How to care for your leather smartwatch bands